Our Mission

Providing resources and support services for vulnerable families and those who care for them.

About Us

Our Vision is to empower all vulnerable children to reach their full potential.

To ensure a safe, loving home for children in need by providing:

  •  Spiritual support
  •  Economic help
  •  Social enhancement
  •  Psychological intervention
  •  Physical protection

As we prayed, God began to open doors for staff leadership to meet with county and state DSS leadership. God made it very clear that the church was supposed to work with the local government. When we met with state government leaders, they received our proposal with open arms.

From that meeting it was established that the church and state would partner together to provide:

  •  Resources and recruit foster and adoptive families
  •  Mentors for kids aging out of the system
  •  Wrap-around services

We expanded the vision to include strong post-placement services, and support for government agencies.

The ministry is still very involved in helping meet these goals.

What is A Home For Me?


Foster parents play a critical role in the care and development of abused, neglected, and orphaned children. Being a foster parent is a vital ministry to precious children who often come from tragic circumstances.

There are approximately 400,000 children in America who need loving homes.

Foster families provide children a temporary, safe place to live until they can be reunited with their families or, when that is not possible, until an adoptive family is identified.

Whether it's private or public national or international, there is a great need for Christ followers to respond to the gospel through the adoption of abandoned and orphaned children. In doing so, we reflect the love of Christ, as we ourselves have been adopted as sons and daughters.

As defined in the Resource Family Program solicitation, the term "resource family" refers to families that provide temporary care that preserve and support family connections, which are critical to ensuring and enhancing the safety, permanency, and well-being of children involved in the child welfare system. In their role as providers of safe, temporary care, resource families are more involved with both the family and the case planning for the children in their care than what is traditionally thought of as the role of a foster family.

Resource families, along with many other duties, are responsible for:

  • Caring for and nurturing children in foster care until they can be reunited with their parents
  • Working as reunification partners with birth families (i.e., engaging in shared parenting and maintaining connections)
  • Serving as members of the team: working closely with SCDSS to ensure child safety, well-being, and permanence
  • Becoming an alternative family resource for the child, if reunification isn't possible (i.e., engaging in concurrent planning)